Time: Thursday | August 25th 2022

10:00 – 11:30 AM

Vietnam’s tourism industry is reviving as the number of visitors has increased ten times compared to last year. However, the positive hotel growth is challenging as the market has many changes compared to the previous years.

There have been many changes after the pandemic: the cost increase by the strategy to retain the core employees during the “price hurricane” period, such as rising salaries, benefits and opportunities for career advancement.

With the rapid development of technology, tourists are becoming more demanding than ever as they expect better service quality, personalized experience and more conveniences.

All are gradually forming a future hotel revenue revolution!

How do the hotel owners increase the customer experience and their potential revenue without losing the “hospitality” characteristic of the hotel industry?

CiHMS’s August webinar will be an analysis and consultation session from leading experts on the focus of this issue:

  • The tourism industry is returning with significant resilience. What difficulties are hotels facing?
  • How will the futures market change after this summer?
  • What’s new in the guest experience pre-stay, stay and post-stay holiday?
  • How do hotel owners discover and optimize potential revenue?
  • How does technology plays a role in enhancing experiences and diversifying revenue without sacrificing the hospitality industry’s signature sense?
  • Besides increasing the guest experience, How does employee experience need to grow?
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How will the futures market change?

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