Transform your hotel operations

As a cloud-based system, the PMS is designed to manage all aspects of hotel business operations for you so you can focus on delivering superior guest experiences.

[ Features ]
Some Outstanding Features

Front Office

  • Easily handle all the reservations from all channels.
  • User-friendly and ease-of-use dashboard.
  • Minimize the operation time for your receptionists in check-in and check-out.
  • Comprehensive report.

Guest Profile

  • Quickly get a 360-degree view of your guests.
  • Update-to-date guests’ personal information, such as booking history, special requests in order to personalize the guest experience.

Task Management 

  • Manage tasks of the departments: maintenance, laundry, transportation
  • Manage staff list and allocate tasks.

Housekeeping & Laundry

  • Help to connect the Front Office and Housekeeping Department in the management and update status of the rooms.
  • Manage service information for each room on a daily basis.
  • Plan, check, and evaluate room service of each staff.
  • Apply mobile apps to the work for employees in Housekeeping Department.

Fully Integration

  • Integrations to: SAP, Salesforce, VinID, E-Invoice, face recognition, room cards.
  • Staff’s mobile application for quickly updating tasks.
  • Real-time data makes it easier to communicate between departments.