[POS / FnB]
Solutions for Food and Beverage industry

A cloud-based restaurant POS system is designed to simplify essential day-to-day business operations and to help you monitor restaurant performance.

Some Outstanding Features

All-in-one restaurant management 

  • Comprehensive table layout and floor plan design to check table status instantly.
  • One place to set up: menu, floor plans, table maps, product prices & taxes, promotions for all restaurants.
  • A built-in menu module that can be easily set up and flexibly adjust based on your needs.
  • Level up your kitchen with a kitchen display and printer.
  • Manage information across all point-of-sales devices.
  • Digitalize your menu easily with QRMenu

 Point-of-Sales devices 

  • Take orders faster and on-the-go with mobile ordering app or nearby POS devices.
  • Real-time data updated across all POS.
  • Multi-functions: split-merge bills, notify to kitchen, bill history, promotion.
  • Receive and review notification in case of error kitchen printing, cancelled orders, refund orders.

    Consolidated reports

  • Provide you with a bespoke report tool to monitor your business, including but not limited to: Payment report, promotion report, cancelled order report, daily revenue report.