[ RRM ]
Advanced Room Rate Management for Hotels

A centralized system to manage rooms, allotment and rates. RRM provides you a powerful tool to easily set up rate plan, room availability across hotels and channels.

Some Outstanding Features

Rate management

  • Set rates and rate plans, room types, easily set season and weekend prices.
  • Rate restrictions at different levels: rates, season, specific dates, holidays, min stay, max adults or children.
  • Control room availability and set up rate plans & policies for all distributions: website, OTAs, mobile apps, business partners, travel agents.
  • A handy calendar rate view for you to have a quick glance at all rates.

Revenue Optimization

  • With RRM, it takes no time to set up and distribute a new rate plan down to all your hotels, across booking channels.
  • Have total control over your rates management and make quick pricing decisions.