Date: Thursday | October 21st, 2021

10:00AM – 11:00AM

Surprisingly, hospitality is one of the top 3 industries with the most number of women managers worldwide, reported by Forbes. However, the percentage of women who hold an executive leadership level remains low: 1 woman to 5.7 men, according to the Castell Project report. The stereotype and society’s assumption on women has created the invisible glass ceiling which over time persistently prevents women to climb up the ladder of success.

October is a special month dedicated to all Vietnamese Women. To celebrate this occasion, CiHMS would like to bring on the exceptionally powerful women, who make it to the top and rule the hospitality business successfully, come to talk and share their side of the story in this month’s webinar:

  • Why the hospitality industry but not the others?
  • What is their inspiration and how to stay inspired while working and juggling between family and the workforce?
  • Which characteristics are vital to be successful in the hospitality industry as a woman? Do you have any messages to send out to the women who are currently working in the field or looking forward to being on-board soon?
  • A pandemic is an unfortunate event, how did you keep your business thriving during this hardship?

These questions shall be answered with our outstanding women speakers this month that you would not want to miss. The webinar will be live at 10am October 21st, 2021.

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Than Thuc Quyen

CEO - Sanouva Hotel Group

Tran Thu Thuy

Director Of eCommerce - Vinpearl
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Women in Hospitality Industry Leadership 2021 Report

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