Date: Thursday | November 25th, 2021

10:00AM – 11:30AM

Welcome to the new normal! All thanks to our government’s aggressive action in winding up the vaccination campaigns at full speed. Following up by issuing Decree #128 and its guidelines, the actions aim to actively reboot the hospitality industry and smoothly wiggle everything “back” to where it was before.

The recent long-term lockdowns have not only impacted the tourism and hospitality industry as a whole but also customers’ behaviors and travel trends have played out in a much different manner. It is brutal for hoteliers to understand and anticipate their target audiences’ buying styles to further attract the new while retaining the old customers in this extremely difficult and sensitive period. The problem is how.

In this month’s webinar, CiHMS is all about these above controversial standpoints:

  • Let’s take a thorough outlook at the current scenario of the hospitality industry.
  • What is Decree #128 is all about and how the guidelines would support the hospitality industry to “safely adapt with COVID-19”?
  • What are the upcoming travel trends and the market’s demands?
  • Any outstanding challenges ahead once the travel resumes?
  • The realistic strategy to attract the customers to travel again and maximize the hotel’s revenue?

Sign up today and prepare your hotels one step forward in welcoming back your guests. Registration is limited, grab yours while it’s still available here:

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Hoang Ngoc Huy

Head of Tourism Department of Lam Dong’s Department of Cultures, Sports and Tourism

Le Diep Thanh Tung

Vice President of Ninh Thuan’s Travel Association & Vice President of Vietnam Community Tourism Chapter (VCTC)

Pham Ngoc Tai

Founder & CEO Nam Xuan Hotel - Da Lat

Truong Ba Loc

Product Owner CiTravel - VinHMS
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